Membership Benefits Overview

IACP has three types of memberships available: 

Providers in Iowa communities seeking to enhance their organization Strategic business partners wanting to connect with IACP members Related industry partners searching for insights, training and cooperation



Relentless Legislative Advocacy

Policymakers regularly reach out to IACP for critical information and solutions. IACP partners with its members to advise and educate lawmakers on the effect that policy decisions have on the lives of Iowans. Together, we can advocate with one powerful voice. Individual members are also called upon by legislative subcommittees to offer their opinions on industry-related legislation. 

Workforce Development 

IACP provides many industry-specific opportunities for professional growth, including online training, onsite education, regional training and an annual conference. Regardless of distance, all providers have access to cutting-edge learning. 

Regulatory & Legislative Information 

IACP ensures that members are aware of regulatory changes and happenings prior to their implementation. IACP distributes a Weekly Bill Watch and Administrative Rules Watch. One of the important benefits of this process is to distill massive amounts of information to a usable, working and relevant summary for members. 


IACP provides timely communication of relevant industry news and events. IACP maintains a strong network of media and legislative relationships to ensure members are informed and educated. These relationships also provide opportunities to engage with key decision makers and industry experts. 

Engagement & Networking 

As an IACP member, you’ll have the opportunity to network with colleagues from across the state by participating on IACP committees, in membership forums and industry-specific workgroups. These connections offer access to statewide “best practices” and cross-learning that may help your organization to operate more efficiently and effectively. 

Benefit Programs 

IACP works with quality vendors to negotiate for member-needed services at premium savings. Through the power of group purchasing, these programs save members hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, on the purchase of many industry-specific needs. Click here to view the exclusive programs members have access to.

National Representation 

Every IACP member is also a member of the National Council of Behavioral Health and American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR). These organizations offer members exposure to best practices from across the country and the ability to influence critical policy issues at the national level. 

Leadership Connections 

IACP’s Monthly Member Forum provides an opportunity for members to have a conversation with top leaders from organizations such as DHS, IME, Amerigroup, and Iowa Total Care. Additionally, representatives from IDPH, DIA, Protection and Advocacy, and SAMHSA are regular guests. 


IACP members have access to a weekly members-only webinar that provides updates on important issues including: legislation, DHS, IDPH and DIA rules and regulatory changes/trends; and health plan (MCO) developments. 

Training Support 

Every month, IACP offers numerous training events to support Iowa providers at all levels, including emerging leaders/mid-level management, clinical staff and direct support professionals. 


Affinity program partners offer exclusive benefits and discounts to IACP members that can save thousands of dollars. Programs include workers’ compensation, office and business supplies, unemployment services, HIPAA training and resources, and employee health benefits consultation. 

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