IACP Provider Membership

Iowa’s community-based service providers have a demanding task with complex systems to navigate. IACP has designed its Provider Membership to give organizations the tools necessary to succeed. Members have access to focused resources designed to promote regulatory compliance, best business practices and employee development. IACP engages with its membership in relentless advocacy to ensure that all Iowans live, learn and work in their community of choice. 

Provider Quotes

Provider Member Definition:

Organizations providing community-based services designed to maximize the community inclusion and independence of Iowans.  These organizations are recognized as a service provider by the State of Iowa or Mental Health/Disability Service Region through contract, license or accreditation. The organization actively delivers reimbursable services in Iowa.


Legislative Impact

Members develop relationships with key local, state and national policymakers. These relationships are the basis for continued collaboration which has a positive impact on the service delivery system. Members actively develop and communicate unified policy priorities to shape key legislative initiatives. Together, IACP’s members works relentlessly to make change happen. 

Professional Networking

Activities such as monthly member forums, committees, web-based advisory meetings and educational offerings allow members to network with like-minded professionals statewide. Specialized offerings such as the Executive Development Series and Emerging Leaders Program offer a platform for the exchange of ideas and best practices. 

Relevant Information

Stay on top of the regulatory complexities by gaining access to industry-related resources including summaries and explanation of regulatory and legislative changes and updates, salary and benefit trends, and industry news and events. 

Preferred Pricing

IACP works with quality vendors to offer members a variety of products and services at a substantial discount – saving members hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. 


Dues are determined by the gross staff salaries of your organization. See membership application for the 2020 dues schedule. 

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