DirectCourse Training Program

A Program Facilitated by IACP

DirectCourse is comprised of courses in four different sets of curricula in combination with an online learning management system.  The courses were developed specifically for direct support professionals and frontline supervisors and are delivered through:

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CONTACT - Gain additional information on these exciting training opportunities or obtain technical assistance regarding use of the Elsevier learning management system.

DirectCourse Resources


August / September 2016

May 2016

April 2016

Additional Resources

CES Time Study
Provides an estimate of lesson completion time for content under College of Employment Services. 

DirectCourse Implementation Decisions
A list of decisions and considerations to make during the implementation of an online learning management system.

DirectCourse Intent to Participate Form
Form to notify IACP of agency information and to assign/change learning administrator. 

CES/IVRS Presentation
How to obtain IVRS certification through use of DirectCourse College of Employment Services.


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