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IACP has partnered with the Iowa Department of Human Services: Iowa Medicaid Enterprise for over 10 years to provide technical assistance to home and community-based service and habilitation providers. This program provides technical assistance, support and consultation to ensure providers understand and are compliant with rules and regulations governing service provision. The program offers regional training across the state of Iowa, web-based learning opportunities and the opportunity for individual providers to submit compliance-related questions. 


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  • Medicaid Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Prevention (Airdate June 10, 2021)







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TA Regional Spring 2021: Effectively Implementing Person-Centered Planning while Incorporating Positive Behavior Supports in HCBS Settings

Organizations are required in Iowa’s HCBS Administrative Rules to implement person-centered planning. Positive Behavior Supports are one way to move organizations in a more person-centered direction. This interactive training will help participants build on existing knowledge to increase understanding of the intersection between person-centered planning and positive behavior supports. Application of these concepts along with tools for implementation at all levels of an organization will be shared. Participants, regardless of their organizational role, will develop skills to meaningfully implement and utilize person-centered concepts. 

Rights Restrictions

Rights Restrictions are one of the area’s most frequently cited in HCBS Corrective Action Plans. This training will help you maximize individual autonomy throughout the rights restriction process.  Learn from one provider's experience in creatively assessing and individually addressing when the right restrictions are and are not appropriate.  Participants will leave with an understanding of what is required as well as ideas on how to embed a person-centered approach throughout your organizational rights restrictions practice. 

Documentation for Success - Part II for DSPs

DSPs play an important role in making sure organizations stay financially strong. This training educates DSPs on how to write strong Medicaid documentation. Participants will leave understanding Iowa’s rules for Medicaid documentation, the importance of an individual service plan in guiding documentation, and the core elements required for good documentation.

Navigating the Rules

In an increasingly complex delivery environment, it is critical organizations are able to easily access relevant information to enhance the day-to-day provision of services. Laws, rules, and regulations that govern provision are a vital part of the meeting and maintaining compliance standards.
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-  Recording (Airdate: February 11, 2021) 

HCBS Training Requirements

During state fiscal year 2020, one of the top three areas in which providers were required to create corrective plans after HCBS reviews were staff training. Staff training is one of the more difficult regulatory areas to navigate as it spans several chapters in Iowa Rules.
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Fall 2020 Regional Training

- Recording from November 18, 2020:


Developing Systems for Documentation (November 2020)

In this presentation, three key areas will be discussed: Staff training, development of a feedback cycle, and checklists/tools to enhance success. Participants will be given examples and have the opportunity to develop a plan for implementation in their own organizations.
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Considerations for When Things Go Wrong (October 2020)

This presentation will review a four-prong approach to responding to the challenging behavior of the language-abled individuals that you support. It will also review one tool, The Choice Point, which has the potential to be helpful with many people, provided the individual has had exposure to it prior to the moment "when things go wrong".
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Medicaid Waste, Fraud and Abuse Prevention (May 2020)

This presentation reviews the definitions of Medicaid Waste, Fraud & Abuse.
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Spring 2020 TA Regional Training

Person-Centered Planning
Rights Restrictions

Fall 2019 TA Regional Training

The HCBS Settings Rule
-  Outcomes Slide Deck
-  Outcomes Handout
-  Systems Change vs. Compliance
-  Iowa HCBS Nonresidential Setting Assessment
-  Iowa HCBS Residential Setting Assessment

Documenting Success

IACP's Document Success series can be found here. This webinar series, originally presented Spring 2019, contains presentations on assessments, service plan development, coaching DSPs on documentation, and HCBS documentation standards. 

Back To Basics TA Webinar

Presented by April Metzger, Hope Haven, Inc. and IACP Technical Assistance Team
This TA training will familiarize providers with numerous resources necessary for quality HCBS service delivery. We will provide an overview of where you can find relevant rules and resources pertaining to HCBS service delivery. Resources will include where to find the Scope of Service, Training requirements for staff, rules around basic documentation, incident reporting, and required content for member's files. We hope you join us for a review of the basics you need in order to provide HCBS services.
-  Recording
-  Slide Deck
-  General Staff Training Requirements Handout
-  Rule Reference Guide Handout

I-START Program & Opportunities

Presented by Jim Aberg
For agencies committed to quality, individualized service delivery for people presenting challenging and unique needs, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn more about this resource. Iowa (I)-START provides prevention and intervention services to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) and mental health needs through crisis response, training, consultation, and outreach. Learn how to access and utilize I-START services at your agency. 
-  I-START Data Summary Chart
-  Improving Mental Health Outcomes
-  I-START Presentation
-  Recording

Autism Spectrum Disorder - An Introduction

Presented by Susan Smith, I-TABS / Woodward Resource Center Psychology Dept.
Based on current prevalence rates of autism in children, it is likely that most of us will eventually have close contact with an individual who either has mild autism traits or actually meets diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder. This session will provide an overview of what autism is as it applies to individuals with varying levels of IQ as well as include several supports that have been found to be effective for people with these types of skills and needs.
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-  Dental Desensitization Program
-  Sensory Preference Worksheet

Spring 2019 TA Regional Trainings

Training and Coaching DSPs for Excellence in Documentation
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-  Handout

Q&A (1 hr)
Your Questions Answered!  This presentation will be developed based on submitted questions.
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MCO Provider Manual Comparison Matrix
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-  Handout

HCBS Training Requirements
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-  Handout

The Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory
-  OSU Brain Injury Screening Form
-  Participation index
-  MPAI Rating Form
-  MPAI 4 Manual

Medicaid Waste, Fraud, & Abuse Prevention
Listen to IACP's TA team discuss Medicaid Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Prevention including definitions, federal and state regulations.
-  Recording
-  Medicaid Waste, Fraud, & Abuse Presentation
-  Link to Iowa Provider Agreement
-  Link to OIG corporate compliance resources 


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