Related Industry Partner Membership

Community providers have a demanding job, especially since they have to navigate a complex, ever-changing regulatory environment. That's why IACP offers this unique partnership to those who seek to join our advocacy efforts and shape the industry through public policy. This is a rewarding opportunity for us to work together to relentlessly advocate for our community providers, giving the support they need in their quest to help those they serve lead more fulfilling lives.

Related Industry Partner Membership

IACP Related Industry Partners are managed care organizations or public entities that share a desire to support the Association's mission and vision through public policy, regulatory oversite, and industry training advocacy. Related Industry Partners receive IACP’s exclusive information, event invitations, and current updates, while collaborating with the Association to shape the industry through advocacy efforts.


Public Policy Insights

Together, IACP and Related Industry Partners work relentlessly to make positive change by focusing and amplifying advocacy efforts. Through this collaboration, relationships with key local, state and national policymakers are developed in a single, unified voice.

Information to Keep You Up to Speed

Stay updated with the community provider industry by receiving IACP’s weekly Policy Bulletin and other industry-related email postcards. This information will distill the industry's complexities into a brief and understandable format. Additional resources include summaries and explanations of regulatory and legislative changes, updates, as well as industry rules and policies.

Partners receive exclusive invitations to participate in training opportunities with discounted registration fees allowing the opportunity to network with industry professionals statewide.


To begin the related industry partner process or learn more, please contact Susan or call 515.270.9495. We are ready to help you!


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