Iowa Providers PAC

The Iowa Providers Political Action Committee (PAC) is an organization supportive of IACP's policy priorities. The Iowa Providers PAC makes contributions to the campaigns of legislators who are supportive of the IACP mission. It provides opportunities for connection and impacts IACP's ability to relentlessly advocate for Iowa providers to build healthy communities.


To make a regular monthly donation, please fill out this form and send it to Susan Seehase at [email protected].


Rather write a check? Be sure to write it out to "Iowa Providers PAC" (not to IACP).

2020 PAC Silent Auction

Iowa Providers' PAC will hold a silent auction during the 2020 IACP Annual Conference and Trade Show. November 3, 2020, is a significant election.  PAC funds create opportunities to connect with policymakers on the priorities of IACP members.

The silent auction will be held Wednesday, August 26, 2020. Baskets will be on display during the conference, with bidding starting at 8:30 AM and concluding at 3:15 PM.  Auction winners will be notified after 3:15 PM for pickup and payment at 4:30 PM. 

Request: Table Ready Basket Donations

Each organization is encouraged to submit one (or more) basket for the silent auction. Details for consideration when preparing a basket:
-  Please deliver donations “table ready” (in a bag with shrink-wrap/cellophane gift bag, etc.)
-  Please contact Susan Seehase to arrange delivery.
-  Please provide a detailed list of basket contents and total value at the time of delivery.
-  Baskets should appeal to a broad audience with varying interests and have a minimum value of $50.00

NOTE: You may send basket details, value, and picture to [email protected] for the promotion of silent auction items.

Items suggested for baskets:
-  Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI themed baskets 
-  Sport team paraphernalia 
-  Quilts
-  Your most popular items if your organization does this type of event
-  Autographed items from various teams or individuals
-  Wine or liquor baskets
-  Hotel nights
-  Timeshare vacations
-  Themed baskets (Garden, kids, Beach, BBQ, etc.)
-  Farm windows 
-  Barn wood frames

Items that cannot be accepted:
-  Live animals
-  Items that need to be refrigerated or frozen (only shelf-stable food and beverage)
-  Organization Swag (company logo items)

Questions can be directed to PAC Chair Marcy Davis or IACP COO Susan Seehase.

To learn more about the 2020 IACP Annual Conference and Trade Show, click here.